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Hepatitis C: The Beginning of the End - Are we ready to think about the elimination of HCV in Croatia Print
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Friday, 25 March 2016 08:44

Zagreb, February 19, 2016: Croatian Association of Treated and Ill from Hepatitis "Hepatos", the office of the World Health Organization in the Republic of Croatia and the member of the EU Parliament Biljana Borozan, the host of the meeting, have organized the high level meeting "Hepatitis C: The Beginning of the End - Are we ready to think about the elimination of HCV in Croatia" at the Palace Hotel Zagreb.

The meeting had the aim of considering the health care situation of ill from viral hepatitides and estimating the economic burden of the illness in the future, but specially emphasized the importance of defining a National Strategy and the Action Plan for Combating the Viral Hepatitis.

Nowadays, scientific discoveries afford the unique opportunity to eliminate Hepatitis C both in the world and in Croatia changing significantly the mortality rate, social and economic costs. "With this meeting we want to call the attention to the Hepatitis C related social marginalization and to promote all the activities meant to eliminate Hepatitis C, in accordance with basic human rights, non-discrimination, parity and health rights" - said Tatjana Reic, Hepatos President.

This meeting gathered for the first time in one place all the hepatitis related parties from Croatia and guests from neighbouring countries: Ms Mojca Matičić from Slovenia, Ms Azra Husić Selimović from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Branko Brmbolić from Serbia, Ms Havka Kuč from Montenegro, Ms Viktorija Chaloska Ivanova from Macedonia.
Along with the representatives of the Croatian Parliament and the Croatian Ministry of Health - Ms Ines Strnja Linić and Mr Denis Kovačić, some very important guests and speakers also took part in the meeting: Mr Antons Mozalevskis (Copenhagen WHO EURO region), Ms Raquel Peck (WHA - World Hepatitis Alliance), Mr Homie Rizavi (CDA - Centre for Disease Analysis, Mr Ricardo Baptista Leite (former Member of the Portuguese Parliament), Ms Adriana Vince (MoH Referral Centre for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis), Mr Tomislav Benjak (Croatian Institute of Public Health), Ms Jelena Matuzović (Croatian Health Insurance Fund), Ms Irena Hrstić (GH Pula), Mr Boris Lukšić (CHC Split), Ms Marijana Spaija (Hepatos), Ms Mirjana Orban (TIPH Andrija Štampr), Ms Diana Nonković (TIPH of Split-Dalmatia County), Ms Ivanka Mihaljević (Croatian Institute of Transfusion Medicine), NGO and patients organizations (Hepatos Rijeka, Association 100% Croatian War Invalids of I Group, Croatian Association Of Dialysed And Transplanted Renal Patients, Croatian Transplant Association, Croatian Association of haemophiliacs, Association Susret, Association Lux Vitae).



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